Friday, August 22, 2014

An Open Letter to Wendy's

The ad campaign with this woman really, really needs to be over now.  Because you didn't just jump the shark with this crap- you jumped it, turned the boat around, and jumped it again, practically daring us to toss bricks (or pretzel-roll burgers, whichever is less edible) through our TV screens.

Flo and Jan are bad enough, but at least they have the excuse of actually working for the companies they are forever praising to the heavens.  The Wendy's girl doesn't work at Wendy's.  There's no reason for her obsession with the company or it's food.  I didn't want to see her eating every single meal at Wendy's.  I sure as hell don't want to see her singing about the place- let alone singing a freaking love song to a particular sandwich.  I'm sure this is supposed to be kind of funny.  It's not.

Let's move on, Wendy's.  This woman is not getting her own sitcom.  She's had lots of exposure and the networks have responded with a collective yawn.  This blogger is also responding with a yawn- and an "enough, already."  Jeesh, I don't think the Aflac Duck is as Played as this horrible woman is.

Let her go.  Flo and Jan will be along in the very near future, god willing.  But this chick needs to be shown the exit.  Now.


  1. What's really annoying is that this irritant doesn't have a name. It's one thing to be irritated by Flo or Jan but to have endure "Anonymous red-haired personification of greasy, salty food" really hurts.

    1. I wonder why they haven't given this woman an actual name- maybe because the obvious choice is "Wendy," but there already is a real Wendy and other than the red hair doesn't look at all like this actress?

      Do I really care? HELL no.

  2. You are awesome!!! You said just what im thinking! I hate that chick. Great stuff!! Keep it coming.