Saturday, August 2, 2014

To Xfinity and beyond? Count me out.

Yesterday, you went into an irritated, impatient snit because you couldn't watch Exactly What You Want Right F--ng Now.  Maybe you turned the TV off and actually talked to your family, played a board game, whatever.  But it all sucked and amounted to a wasted evening, because No TV.

Today, you've got Xfinity so you never have to suffer through another evening like that ever, ever again.  Now you can watch a tv show while DVRing everything being played everywhere, so the phrase "there's nothing on tv, let's read or play a board game or take a walk or just talk" will never, ever be heard in your home because in a month you'll have 3000 hours of --um--- "entertainment"- on that DVR.  Problem solved.  Thank God.

You people are all f--ing zombie losers and when you die, it will be very, very hard to tell.

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  1. It would also be difficult to care owing to the whole 'isolation from society' thing.