Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'd like a rush job on that parachute repair too, please

My Father-in-Law once helped me change a tire.  He did it really, really fast.  It was just before I drove 400 miles to visit my parents.  Just before I got to my destination, the tire he changed really, really fast started to make a horrible sound.  It was falling off.  He's dead now so I'll never know for sure, but I've always been kind of convinced that if his daughter had been taking the trip with me, he would have been a bit more careful when tightening those lug nuts.

A couple of years ago I brought my car to Sears to buy a new tire.  They put the new tire on pretty fast (for Sears.)  Two days later, I heard a weird rumbling noise from that side of the car.  A few minutes later, I heard a horrible loud noise and had to pull over- my tire was halfway off. 

Last year I brought my tire in to a Jiffy Lube and because they were offering a deal, I let them go ahead and rotate my tires (which I personally think is almost as big a scam as oil changes every 3000 miles, but I'm no mechanic.)  Within a few weeks four of the lug nuts had vanished. 

Here's my point- getting new tires I would think is kind of like having a bone set or brain surgery.  You want the person doing it to take. Their. Time.  Because after all, the stakes are kind of high, even if the person involved isn't me.


  1. I used to work for an auto repair shop running the desk, and the number of people who would come in and want a new tire and say something like 'and hurry, I'm already late for...' used to blow my mind. Why go somewhere and expect something to be done before you get there, especially something that may kill you if it isn't done right?
    Personally, if it was me, I'd be all 'done already? are you sure my brake are on correctly, are the lugs tight, etc.' I'd rather wait for another 1/2 hour than spend 6 weeks recuperating in the hospital just because I pushed them to install new brake pads and they forgot to bleed the lines because I pushed them to hurry, hurry I'm so important and I just have to get to Target in the next few minutes....that 20 year old copy of Free Willy might not be there if I get there late. Morons, what could be so important on the weekend anyway?

  2. This is true. The quicker a job is done, the worse it is.