Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Most Sexist Ad of All Time

"Hey Moms, if you have kids, does this look familiar?"

Um, I'm not a Mom, and I don't have Kids, and this STILL looks familiar.  Maybe because it's f---ing 2015 and even single guys do laundry these days.  This Good Housekeeping Better Homes And Gardens Betty Crocker crap really ticks me off-- and the comments underneath this YouTube clip don't exactly restore my faith in humanity; they are mostly "I hear ya!" affirmations from empty-headed clucking idiots almost as proud of the label "Housewife" as they are of their "MRS" degree.

Seriously what the hell is this? "Mom Hacks?"  Apparently it's a series of videos designed to help "typical moms" through what is supposed to be their "typical mom" lives- lives which involve preparing meals, cleaning, making beds, arranging and rearranging rooms, picking up after their kids and laundry, laundry and more laundry, all in a big cage--errrr,, house-- that hubby provided as his side of the bargain...err, I mean marriage.  When it comes to actually maintaining the home, I don't see a lot of input from Hubby-- oh, but I already forgot; he's out Making All This Possible by bringing home the paycheck.  He also gets to impregnate Mom every once in a while- that's part of the deal, after all.

A man doing laundry?  I think that would give the people who made these videos the vapors.

"Mom Hacks."  Because in someone's world, it's always going to be 1955.

One more Mom Hack- "don't keep a loaded gun near the washer, you might suddenly realize what your life has become.  Keep a bottle of Sherry behind the drier instead- you know, like your Mom always did."


  1. Because in an ad-man's mind, it's always going to be 1955......

  2. Wow, is this revolting...aside from the inanity of "Hey moms, if you have kids..." I kinda thought every mom had at least one kid.

    The piece de resistance has gotta be the cut-cardboard thing to fold the shirts so they look like they're on the table at your local mall store where people are pawing through them over and over so the poor floor workers have to refold them again and again lest the manager come by and see things don't look neat. Why on earth would anyone want to do that at home? If you do, it's a sure sign you have way too much time on your hands. "We know this isn't completely necessary, but it sure makes folding a whole lot more fun!" No, it doesn't. It means you have nothing better to do.

    Oh, and what's supposed to be the reward for all this mom-hacking? Getting to spend more time with your kids. Because heaven forfend you should actually do something for yourself, like take a nice long bubble bath or read a book. Being a mom is ALL about your kids. You are not supposed to have any other life. Remember that, moms!