Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ahhhhh this is a really obnoxious commercial, Cigna!

Seriously, I think I'd rather have my ears battered by a Kit-Kat commercial than have to listen to this awfulness.  At least Kit-Kat ads don't feature one idiot after another sticking out their damn tongues.

I get that the message is kind of important- yeah, we should all get regular checkups and yeah, insurance companies should pay for them because, after all, regular checkups mean problems caught at the early stage when they can be dealt with for the least amount of money and pain.  Get it.

Still doesn't mean I want all this "aaaaahhhhhh" crap, especially for thirty freaking seconds.  I GET it.  It's an important message.  It's NOT clever.  It does NOT make me like anyone in the ad.  Actually, it makes me want to HURT them.  Especially at the end, when these people are saying "ahhh" for no freaking reason at all except the script demands it.  Ahhhhh I don't get paid enough to do this blog.

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