Wednesday, March 9, 2016

And don't forget, George W Bush kept us safe, except for those times he didn't

These people spend roughly ten seconds telling us that their driving record is absolutely perfect, until it isn't.  And then "despite their perfect driving record," which is no longer perfect, their insurance company won't "cut them some slack."  Gee, you'd think that insurance companies would understand an argument like "but my insurance record was perfect before the accident," just like "I never once stabbed anybody and then hid the body in the celler until that day I did."*  You'd be wrong about both.

BTW, anyone else shocked that it's the guy in this commercial who had the accident?  Anyone at all?

*I'm not speaking from experience, so shut up.  What were you thinking?


  1. I think everything in society is set up to make it too easy for one to "fuck up".
    Full of "hidden turds" to find and other "booby traps".
    Hence, this commercial's appeal.

  2. The woman is in two Liberty Mutual commercials...the other one has her wearing a black zipper sweat top jacket...
    Wondering if they are trying to hide or camouflage her ample sized top area of her body...they couldn't fool me though...