Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pointless Waste of Time. It's what makes a Subaru Commercial a Subaru Commercial.

I guess that this commerical has two messages we are supposed to get-

1.  The idiots in the Subaru have lived such sadly sheltered lives that their view of nature involved skunks, scary animals and inbred hillbillies straight out of Deliverance.*  (Hey, idiots, here's another reason for not taking that unmarked dirt road- you don't know where it goes.)

2.  The only option these boring losers have if they don't take the Path Less Traveled is trying on Kakis at the Penny's down the road.  And is anyone else totally weirded out at the way they are staring at eachother and those pants?  What the hell?

Here's another message I think we were supposed to get, but which never shows up- Subarus are good cars to use for off-road adventures.  Maybe we never really get this message because we are too busy being told that no matter what the Subaru owners decide to do with their Subaru, they aren't going to be very happy with that choice.  Because in the end, the car doesn't change the fact that they are really, really boring losers who absolutely deserve eachother.

*Oh, and one more message- it doesn't matter what the product being pitched is.  Ad makers simply hate the idea of being outside the city or suburbs.  In commercial-land, nothing good ever comes from venturing beyond the picket fence, unless of course one has total internet connectivity and a cooler full of beer as companions.  Weird.

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