Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Ok, I read my lines. Where's my money?"

Am I the only person out there who finds the spokeschoad in this ad one of the most unpleasant people on television?  I mean, he couldn't make it more clear that he absolutely hates this gig and couldn't actually give a damn if the guy he's accosting on the street actually tries  He just wants to get his three sentences out so he can get back to the phone and ream out his agent some more.  I suspect that if the poor guy he decided to pick on replied "I'm not interested, see I have friends and they have friends and I can meet people in the normal, not-stupid ways that don't require me to pay a monthly fee to an internet site" he'd be risking serious injury.

BTW, I also find the "95% of people who try get second dates" pretty uncompelling.  Desperation will do that.  And speaking of desperate, if you are taking online dating advice from an angry stranger on the street, well--- you don't need me to describe desperate, do you?

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