Wednesday, February 17, 2016 proves- in America, the sucker birth rate is skyrocketing

I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time dissecting this scam; I'll just hit the highlights:

1.  How stupid are people who use this site?  Almost unbelievably stupid, considering that before you sign up, you are required to click a box which confirms that you read a disclaimer which explains that when you use (actually, "play" is more accurate), you understand that you are LIKELY TO LOSE MONEY.  Seriously- says it right there. tells potential "customers" that the "entertainment value" of the site, in the opinion of, makes it worth it even if find yourself spending a lot of money for nothing.

In other words, it's a gambling site.

2.  There are several videos available on YouTube which describe exactly how rigs it's "bidding" system to assure that never actually sells high-priced products at a deep discount.  They simply bid up products to assure a profit or, failing that, buy back the products by "sniping" the "high bidder" at the last second.  But it's much worse than being sniped on Ebay, because at you actually have to pay a fee FOR EACH BID WHETHER YOU WIN THE PRODUCT OR NOT.  Literally Money for Nothing.

Go ahead, look at the video I've embedded here, and then do a search of your own on YouTube under " scam."  That is, if you aren't already sick of "almost" winning plasma tvs for $18 or Just Barely Losing at DraftKings.  In which case, you are probably a hopeless case anyway.

(BTW, check out two identical posts to Dawn's Totally Unbiased Review of here.  Total Paid Troll Fail:)

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