Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let me see if I get this straight....

This deeply caring woman started working at an animal shelter.  She  decided to adopt an older dog (whose name is Bennie, I can hear even if the person who posted this can't) because "no one else wanted him."  He's an older dog, so he needs help from her "all day long" (so the dog basically stays at the shelter with her all day.)

Then this deeply caring woman suffered a flareup of her back pain, and "I was afraid I was going to have to give him away."  Um, say what?  You intentionally adopt an older dog who needs extra care, and as soon as you feel some pain in your back you think "maybe I should dump the dog which, btw, I've already noted nobody else wants?"  Jeesh, glad you tried an Aleve before getting the next door neighbor to put a bullet in it's brain at least, but man you were quick to consider nixing the whole dog thing fast, weren't you?

"Hey Sue, where's that dog you rescued? Bennie?"
"Oh, I loved Bennie!  But one day I felt a pain in my back, so I gave him away."

It's great to be kind and loving, but to get credit for being kind and loving, it kind of requires that you stay kind and loving even when you've got a headache or a cold or a tweak in your back, lady.  Please do another animal a favor and stick with the one dog.  It's future is  precarious enough.

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