Monday, February 22, 2016

Gotta struggle with something....

I'm sorry that this woman is suffering with diabetes- I have family members who manage theirs and I know it's an expensive pain in the butt.  But looking at her life, I can see that there are other things she could easily be suffering from, including

1.  Badly burned irises caused by living in a blindingly white world.  What the hell is going on here?  I know that in commercials everyone lives in houses with snow-white interiors (I think it has to do with making things easier on the camera crew and creating a distraction-free environment) but man what I would give to see a crumpled newspaper or dirty coffee cup SOMEWHERE in this ad.  And before she gets inside, she walks through a world that is every bit as bizarrely white and perfect on the street as in her living room.  This woman's world is disgustingly clean and glowing right down to her freaking dog.

2.  Deep confusion caused by the flood of confusing disclaimers concerning possible side effects. I think I know what a "site reaction" is.    Do I not know what any of this stuff means because I don't have diabetes?  What the hell are TZDs, for example?

3.  Deep confusion caused by the usual "don't do this without asking your doctor" stuff.  Isn't this medication available only through prescriptions?  Doesn't that kind of imply a conversation between patient and doctor which covers these warnings?  Who the hell would mix this medication with other insulins?  Diluting it I totally understand- watering down prescription liquids and chopping up pills  are just fringe benefits of our wonderful for-profit health care system.  But "Mixing it with other insulins?"  What the hell is that?


  1. My first thought about all the "do not" directives: "Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball."

    My second thought, about this ad: I sometimes wonder if the opportunity to produce a prescription-drug ad is deliberately used by an ad agency to just go wild with the special effects. To let the CGI crew go crazy with creativity. Remember the ad for the drug that was supposed to regulate your "plumbing," full of animated people made out of copper pipes walking and riding through a world of copper pipes? This one was "Let's make a pop-up-book world, with a woman walking around in a world where everything is made of white paper, even the PEOPLE...wouldn't that be awesome?" I think maybe the special effects are also intended to distract you from all the legally required warnings about how this drug could cause you to die suddenly blah blah blah.

    If you think this one is weird, though, have you seen the one for Belsomra? With the woman who has an animated "SLEEP" cat (that is really the word "SLEEP" spelled out in furry letters in the shape of a cat) and a "WAKE" dog that is the word "WAKE" spelled out in furry letters in the shape of a dog? THAT is major creepiness.

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