Saturday, February 13, 2016

KFC really reached in this radio ad....

 I wish I could find more radio ads on YouTube, some of them are really snarkable.  I'd especially love to embed the ones for CPAP devices ( is there an epidemic, because there are suddenly a LOT of those ads) and the one for Rosetta Stone (yes, dammit, a bigger TV WOULD make me a better person, and now that I've answered you, please stop asking me during Every Freaking Commercial Break on SiriusXM.)

But since radio ads seem few and far between on YouTube, I'll just point out that this is a commercial for all-dark meat meals at KFC.  Which means it's a commercial urging people to celebrate Halloween by overpaying for boxes of scrawny deep-fried wings and legs.  I guess if you combine the impact this "food" will have on your arteries and your wallet, it is pretty scary, at that.

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