Thursday, February 4, 2016

Most believable part of this ad: Daughter is going to share a picture of her Eggo

The snark about the phone obsession is just too easy, so I'll go a different route.  I've done more than enough People Being Slaves To Their Phones posts, after all.  So here's a lighter take-

1.  Is there only one Eggo left in the house?  If not, why is it that everyone at that table wants an Eggo, but there's only one being warmed in a toaster which clearly has two slots?  And if so, why does a family which clearly enjoys eating these mass-produced bland waffles let itself get down to only one left?

2.  Assuming that the toaster doesn't magically get pregnant with Eggos, shouldn't the one toasting be the property of the person who inserted it?  I mean, that's how it works in the real world, isn't it?  One of these people put the waffle in the toaster.  Three others are claiming it- how?  What am I missing here?

3.  These people don't love Eggo waffles.  They love COLD Eggo waffles.  When the thing finally pops up, none of them seem particularly interested in taking it.  If Predictably Privileged Little Girl didn't suddenly show up and take the waffle (gee, didn't see that coming, what a twist, awesome writing, Eggo) how long would the family have let it sit there while they continued to engage in a stupid battle of texts?

Ooops, sorry, I said I wasn't going to go there.  Never mind that last part.

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  1. If you want my EGGO you can have it.
    Those things taste like cardboard anyway.