Sunday, February 7, 2016

Well, SOMETHING had to be intelligent here....

The woman driving the Audi Q7 is either blind as a bat or so overwhelmed by her own sense of self-satisfaction- as well as confidence that her super-smart car will protect her from her total disconnect with the world around her- that she was unable to detect a car approaching on a perfectly level road at a four-way stop in the middle of the  night.

Yeah, the Audi Q7 was absolutely the right choice for her.  Setting aside my amazement that she managed to survive despite the fact that until this year cars with these ridiculous safety features were not even on the market, I would argue that it was the ONLY choice for her.  I'm sure the person in the other car agrees- no one this obtuse and clueless should be behind the wheel of any other car.

I mean, she's not even shown distracted by a phone call or an update on a friend's Facebook page.  She's not like nine out of ten people I see driving around every day with eyes glued to their phones or encased in electronic cocoons with suburb-vibrating music.  She's just SITTING THERE IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE  And she doesn't notice that car approaching?  Good luck, lady.  Sooner or later you have to leave that car- and you seem destined to walk against the light or fall down an uncovered utility hole sooner or later.

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