Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wear your best friend on your wrist!!!

Hey, this is really cool!  Now you can take your life-sucking games anywhere you go even before your parents have given in to your pathetic whining and sprung for that iPhone like all the other parents of your friends did before THEY hit the age of eight!

(Of course, if you are still f--ing around with this stupid crap when you hit the age of ten, get ready to be mercilessly bullied by your iPhone-owning friends!  And feel free to show this blog post to your parents in case they don't get it!)

Until then- yaaaaayyyy something to do other than make actual, human friends and play actual, human games (holy crap, these kids are OUTSIDE and TOGETHER and all they can think to do is f--k around with this nonsense?  Do kids even own whiffleballs or frisbees or bikes anymore?)

I take back that part about this being "really cool."  It's actually really, really sad.  If I had a kid, I might get something like this to keep them occupied during long car rides or rainy days.  No, I take that back, too- I'd use long car rides to TALK TO HIM and rainy days to PLAY GAMES WITH HIM.  I can't think of ANY instance in which I'd day to myself "man, I wish I had bought that stupid virtual friend thing to keep my kid's brain occupied, because books are so lame...."

And since my kid would be wildly popular- like the kids in these ads seem to be- he'd never lack other kids to engage in actual play with-- you know, actual play which burns actual calories and actual muscle and develops actual social skills.  Not this garbage.  Adults spend waaaaaayyyy too much of their lives staring at screens- why the hell would we want to introduce that ugly addiction in childhood?

Oh right, Capitalism.  I keep forgetting.

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  1. Revelations was spot-on about the coming of the "anti-Christ".
    Problem is, most people still think it refers to some distant charismatic leader who winds up to be the "all-time most oppressive dictator mankind has ever known".

    Little do they know those passages in Revelations are primarily metaphorical and figurative descriptions of man-made civilization in general, and particularly of the social, legal and political systems along with the sophisticated inventions that come along with such elaborate cultural systems.

    The REAL "beast" is obviously those mind-manipulating micro-gadgets that have people so hypnotized whenever they hold them "in the palm of their hands" and stare down at them as they hold these gadgets up to "their forehead".

    "The Beast" has already arrived, folks. And it's a man-made "Frankenstein monster" being known as "high tech".