Sunday, August 14, 2016

I won't miss either

First, I don't sympathize with this woman, who seems to be just moving from one palatial suburban estate to another.  Oh, you won't miss the dog next door or that Easily Fixable You Idiot loose tile on the floor?  Here's a tissue, dear.

Second, If I were the guy driving her around, I wouldn't miss her because she clearly enjoys treating me like her g-d d--d chauffer as she keeps her eyes glued to her stupid tablet, "catching up" on the television shows that the cruel world which requires her to be out of the house every once in a while is denying her instead of oh, I don't know, actually interacting with me as I cart her about.  Here's another tissue.

Finally, I don't drive a car, so I won't be the one who misses her as she blindly walks into traffic because she can't be bothered to look up from her f--ing portable television set.  Eventually, someone with a car will also fail to miss her.  I won't need a tissue when that happens, either.

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