Sunday, August 21, 2016

This ad makes dying young look very attractive

Seriously, if all we've got to look forward to in our "golden years" is endless conversations about our cell phone service with fellow elderly people, I think I'll just stop saving for retirement and cross my fingers that I don't live quite as long as I once planned to.  Because I want no part of cross-country trips in RVs, power-walking with grinning idiots who take "bets" on who enjoys their phone service the very bestest, or sitting around campfires wondering why we all thought this would be fun back when we were working for a living.

Next time I read a story about a worker bee dying in a freak accident the day before his retirement party, I'm going to think "lucky dog."

1 comment:

  1. Society stereotypes EVERY age group.
    Remember what it was like being a "teenager"? How you'd cringe every time you heard the expression "young people"? Or your grandparents' disparaging diatribes about "smart-ass kids"?

    Did you really think you'd get any kind of relief from that sort of thing simply by "getting older"?