Friday, August 12, 2016

Stupid. Drunk. America.

Other than the disconnected images which I guess are supposed to invoke feelings of patriotism and pride and desire to watch the Olympics, the only thing I really get out of this blatantly manipulative crud is that it starts with someone apparently determined to shake up his crappy cheap beer so that it sprays in his face when he finally pops it open.

Meanwhile immigrants pledging alliegence flags Olympics beer yay America.  I guess. Remember when this used to be subtle?  I miss those days.


  1. There's something about those five linked rings that brings out the worst in people. Small wonder that there's a growing movement to ban the Games again.

    1. A movement lead, no doubt, by the actual people living in the nations "honored" to host this monstrosity over the last several cycles. Billions to build temporary venues, ridiculous traffic jams, etc. and this year, as an added bonus, it's being held in a nation with unaddressed issues of massive economic and social deprivation. Maybe the millions of homeless in Brazil and Argentina will be allowed to live in the One-Use stadiums until they collapse sometime next year.

  2. That's pretty much a spot-on analysis. Most countries wake up with a wretched post-Olympic hangover. It's no wonder Orwell thought they were a bad idea. He saw this sort of thing as making rivalries worse.