Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Oh just kill eachother. You know you want to.

Why is the kid in this ad carrying a huge toy truck through the store?  Are they going to buy the truck along with the glue, figuring that it will be broken in no time so they'd better go ahead and plan on repairing it?  Is the truck already broken, and they figured they'd just take it to the hardware store, pull some glue off the shelf, and repair it right there in the aisle, treating the store like a hospital for toys?  Or does the kid just carry that thing around with him everywhere, like a security blanket?

In any case, anyone else think that this kid is a little too old to be playing with that truck?

And anyone else think that if this couple gets into a fight over "brush" or "nozzle" on their glue bottle, they are experiencing a truly hellish marriage that probably should be ended before someone gets killed?  How drunk were they when they conceived that kid anyway?

I think they are all better off if that gorilla just turns on them.  A quick burst of pain, followed by the blissful eternal sleep of death, beats decades of suffering, doesn't it?

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  1. Agreed. And I just love how the kid drops the truck again at the end, right after it's presumably been glued back together, apparently in shock at having been advised on glues by an actual gorilla. So, in other words, the whole enterprise was a waste of time on everyone's part. Nice going!