Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's 2016, AT&T. Time to shelve the sexism already

I'll admit I did not get through this entire ad.  Twenty seconds of condescending Whaddayagonnado That Helpless Man of Mine smirks from Smug Mom and Stupid Helpless Dad ("where's your school?" SERIOUSLY?  THIS GUY HAS NEVER BEEN TO HIS KIDS SCHOOL?) was more than enough.

He doesn't know where his kids to go school.  He forgets to- what?  Leave the door unlocked for the dog walker?  Whatever.  And most of all, he forgets that his wife can spy on him whenever she wants from her phone, because before she left she had cameras mounted in every room and all over their property?  Um, seriously?

"Piece of cake, huh?"  Yeah, you're right, Supermom- knowing where the kids go to school, remembering that you've hired a dog walker, staying awake to get the kids in bed on time (because you haven't raised them to do this themselves)- all of this adds up to Being A Mom Is Much Much Tougher Than You Imagined Stupid Clueless Man-Child.  What was he thinking?

As I said at the beginning, I did not get through this entire ad, so I can only guess it ends with Dad kind of learning his lesson (not completely learning it, because after all he's Dad and there's only so much that can fit into that tiny non-female brain of his) and Mom continuing to be the All-Wise, Long-Suffering but Accepting of Her Fate martyr that Only TV Moms Can Be.

Look, I know that for decades advertisements portrayed women as silly, foolish, flighty, chirpy and totally empty-headed little girls who couldn't make a cup of coffee without first taking classes on the subject from The Man of the House.  But does that mean we need to even things out with decades of Men Are Children in Adult Bodies garbage like this?  And if the answer is "yes," would someone please just come pick up my television before I put it on Craig's List?


  1. After she does everything for him, she tells him she loves him. He's so stupid and helpless I have to wonder why she does...

  2. It ends with him thanking her for remotely arming the house, because he forgot, because He's A Man.


    This truly is the absolute worst kind of sexism. It bangs into every female head with a sledgehammer that You, The Woman, even if you work outside the home and go away on business trips and such, must have a remote system for running your home while you are gone, because your husband and the father of your children cannot be entrusted with this responsibility, because he is a hapless, helpless goof. So if you come back from a trip to find your house a smoking crater of rubble and all your children dead or kidnapped, you have only yourself to blame, for failing to properly shoulder your Womanly Responsibilities.

    Awful. Just awful.

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  4. I hate these commercials. The woman is always smarter than the man. Yawn!! Boring and done to death. The black guy is always smarter than the white guy. Yawn!! Boring and done to death. And by the way, I'm a black guy saying this. The children are always smarter than the parents. Yawn!! Boring and done to death. Boring and done to death is the best description of today's commercials