Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another episode of Verizon's Not-So-Brave New World....

Watching the idiots in this ad act as if the world is coming to an end because they can't watch television on the train or are experiencing several entire seconds of "unconnectability" is either rage-inducing or sad, depending on how much coffee I've gotten in to me when I watch it.  That guy on the train looks like his head is going to explode if he goes much longer without spilling mindless crap into it.  Oh noes, he's alone with his thoughts!  Hit the fricking panic button!

And then we have the countless scenes of people standing on their cars, on their bathtubs, frozen in one place on the street, frantically trying to get a signal...instead of just moving on with their lives and doing something else for now or going somewhere else to find a signal if "doing something else right now" is just too bizarre an idea to contemplate.  And what is that jackass doing with those cats?  Oh, of course- he's making an Awesome YouTube Video millions will Like but will add absolutely nothing of value to anyone's life, but will cost those millions several minutes that they'll never get back. 

But the very worst part is when we see the  jackass "parent" in his son's treehouse, who for some reason can't just be having fun with his offspring in the backyard because....he can't get a signal?  Why?  Oh, let me guess:  the plan was to sit in that treehouse and watch a movie on the phone, right?  Because why else would you build a treehouse other than to have another place to watch tv?

Anyone really want to live like this?


  1. I beg to differ here. I think the worst part is the guy on the tram whose phone is buffering too slowly for him, who is obviously so addicted to staring at a screen 24/7, no matter what's actually ON the screen, that he shoulder-surfs the boy sitting next to him with a tablet...a little boy he does not even know. Super creepy!! The boy stares back at him just as he deserves to be stared back at--like "What the hell is wrong with YOU, buddy? Are you some kind of pervert, trying to sneak a peek of my tablet over my shoulder? MOOOOOMMMM!"

    1. You're right- that is really weird. Like this guy is so far gone in his addiction and is so terrified of actually having to do without electronic simulation for a few seconds that he must look at a screen- ANYTHING on ANY screen- or go nuts. Sick.