Saturday, January 7, 2017

Probably the last Lexus December to Remember Ad of the Season. Hand me a tissue.

As we approach mid-January, we can expect these hideous Lexus December to Remember ads to dissapear from the airwaves for another ten months or so.  Every year we say "good riddance," but they managed to be even more repulsive than usual in 2016, because the agreed-upon theme moved beyond "disgustingly rich, privileged asshats give eachother luxury cars" to "disgustingly rich, privileged asshats ask children to ask Santa to give them luxury cars."

In this ad, Daddy has carefully trained his son to not merely ask Daddy for a Lexus SUV, but to make sure that the SUV he hopes will magically show up on his driveway has just the right entertainment system, with just the right number of screens.  My guess is that the particular mall Santa being dunned for this obnoxiously unneccessary toy is pretty used to such requests- the glaringly white mall/palace looks like it caters exclusively to the Trump kids in it's loathsome gaudiness.  By the time that kid is sixteen he'll be asking for a Lexus of his very own, and getting one I have no doubt.

Daddy is standing in line wearing his $800 coat, slacks and sweater from the Gap Eurotrash Collection and is thrilled that the kid managed to get through the carefully-rehearsed script, because never mind that from the clothes and the house we see at the end he can clearly afford to buy HIMSELF one of these socially irredeemable LookAtMeMobiles -- Santa granted his wish, because Santa never fails to forget the Most Fortunate among us during the holiday season, does he?*

*Actually, all of these "Ask Santa" ads come across to me as extremely wealthy people going through the motions of asking for something for free before just going right off and buying it for themselves because that's what they've been taught to do since childhood- "buy it, but only if you can't get someone to give it to you first."  That, and teaching filthy rich kids that asking Santa for stuff is still fun even when Mommy and Daddy can and do get you whatever the hell you want anyway. Welcome to the Trump Era.


  1. In addition to motor vehicles, I'll tell you another line of products they seem to advertise excessively on television: furniture.
    That's right---beds, sofas, lounge chairs, tables, cabinets, mattresses, futons ...
    Whoever routinely purchases these items on a regular basis? Where do such people live that they have space for them? How wealthy are they to be able to afford all that?

  2. Speaking of furniture, and asking Santa for stuff...this ad's theme isn't even original for the 2016 Christmas season. There was also an ad in which a little girl sits on Santa's lap and, obviously being coached by her mother standing on the sidelines, proceeds to give him a detailed list of home furnishings "she" wants. At least in that version of the ad, Santa, rather than just nodding and playing along, is cynical enough to glare over at Mom and say "Really?" He knows when he's being played by a greedy parent.