Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cheerios' disgusting "Make more babies 'cause Reasons" commercial

Ugh, Cheerios.  Really?  Besides the headache-and-epileptic-fit inducing style of this god-awful advertisement, the message sure seems to be "kids are fun, look at what you can do with them- you can pose them and put them in dangerous situations and pour something that I really really hope is chocolate all over them and then video them for the amusement of our dumbass audience!"  Like they are freaking toys and not human beings.

But I guess there are plenty of "parents" out there too thrilled at the idea of having their offspring appear for almost a full half-second in a Cheerios ad to worry about stuff like that, huh?

Getting desperate, are we, Cheerios?


  1. My parents disowned me when I was growing up because I ended up not being a clone of them. I made the mistake of "turning into an individual" when I dared to develop my own taste in music and literature while still being "underage".

    1. Wow, what a disspointment you must have been; why didn't you just stay an easily-manipulated little baby toy? I think idiots like the ones who made this commercial probably love puppies and hate dogs, too.

  2. This is frighteningly like governmental campaigns you hear about in other countries in which the government, anxious that the national population is dropping too precipitously, creates ads encouraging everyone to spawn and Make More Babies for Our Glorious Republic. Usually lots of sexual sniggering is involved, and there's a bit of that here too.

    It's really creepy to see it in an American commercial, and rather unexpected, given that General Mills has done progressive Cheerios ads featuring a mixed-race parental couple and a gay parental couple, the very kind that send the type of people who think Birth Control Is Murder into a tizzy because they think Everyone Should Be Parents But Not That Way. Then again, maybe this is Cheerios' way of saying they truly do think Everyone Should Be Parents, Whether They Want To Or Not. Mixed-race couples, make babies! Gay couples, do whatever it takes to get yourselves a baby! Then make/get more babies! Because we know what the first damn finger food everyone gives to babies is, and it's Cheerios! So please, everyone, keep cranking out those babies so we can keep making money hand over fist selling you Cheerios! Yeah!