Sunday, January 1, 2017

Quaker thinks this is cute

Haha, mom had to get a lawyer to negotiate with her son to clean his room, because her son got a lawyer lol that is just too funny...

Except, no.  It's pretty damned stupid, actually.  Especially the "on the grounds that I brought you into this world and it's the least you can do" line- really?  "I gave birth to you, so the least you could do to thank me is to clean your room?"  How about "because I'm your mother, and I said so?"  Anyone say this anymore?  If not, why not?  Anyone else think that this kid can start negotiating his chores when he pays rent?

Anyway, the "problem" between pathetic mom and disgusting jerkwad son is "solved" through a strategic application of the old Food Bribe- "if you agree to clean your room, you'll get a tasteless log of rice, nuts and honey holding the damn thing together."  But this isn't super realistic to me- if this kid has grown to be such an obstinate little brat that he'll hire a lawyer to avoid cleaning his room, I'm pretty sure he hasn't had to ask very often for the Food Used To Shut Him Up.  If anything, it seems to me that this woman has probably spent most of the last several years shoveling stuff at this kid to keep Peace in the Home.  The result is this nasty little toad refusing to clean his room without prepayment.

Gross.  But the YouTube commentators like it.  Go figure.

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  1. I had never seen this ad before now, and I have one thing to say...How Revolting Is This????

    And I don't even have an objection to using the occasional reward to reinforce a desired behavior in a child. What I DO object to is the idea that it's cute and amusing that a mother should have to negotiate the terms under which a child will, reluctantly, agree to clean his room.

    It's not. For all the reasons you said. The prime one being that in this "legal confrontation," the child is obviously the one with the upper hand. He is deaf to his mother's piteous pleas to clean his room merely because she wants him to, or because she gave birth to him and this, strangely, might imply she has the right to ask him to do something occasionally. Noooo, that's not enough. He wants payment BEFORE he will agree to do it. So, desperately, she proffers the granola bar--and he accepts. Whew! Good negotations, Mom! Now you have to hope and pray he doesn't eat the bar and go right back to refusing to clean his room. Ha ha! Sucker!!!!

    I don't suppose it ever occurred to Mom that she could cut a deal that he can have the bar AFTER he cleans his room and not before. Nah. That would mean she had too much power in this relationship. Obviously, she has none. Her son is king of her house, and all she can do is humbly petition him in hopes he will be merciful. Great parenting job, Mom!