Friday, May 12, 2017

Actually I'd think "the people living there are idiots- and not at home."

So if you walk past a house in which the lights are randomly turning on and off, you think "oh that house must be haunted?"  Um, maybe twenty years ago a small child might have a reasonable excuse for taking that leap.  In 2017 I think pretty much everyone instantly thinks "App" when they see stuff like this.  Maybe this ad is making fun of the fact that the dog-walker is an elderly man for whom electric lights are already pretty amazingly close to magic and for whom "App" is not a word.

And you've got to have EVERY FREAKING LIGHT IN THE HOUSE connected to this stupid App? Not just at the door or in the kitchen?  EVERY FREAKING ONE?  That's pretty damn stupid.

Oh, and why is this toddler being allowed to play with the freaking phone anyway?  Didn't bring any toys, stupid parents?  Or is the little kid already imitating you cell phone junkie morons?

And one more thing- "your son?"  Huh?  Is that supposed to be a "cute" little reversal of the "your child" crap we used to hear from television dads who were constantly reinforcing the idea that Mommy is the one raising the offspring?  If so, it falls pretty flat here.

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