Sunday, May 21, 2017

Another "Moms are superhuman slaves" ad, this one by Nyquil

"Moms don't take sick days?"  Um, why the hell not?  Is it because Dad isn't there to help raise his own children, ever, and would probably accidentally kill them with his ineptitude if allowed to try for one day?

You can damn well bet that DADS take sick days.  And spend them being mothered by Mom, who just adds him to the list of people who must be taken care of on those particular days.  But Moms?  Moms aren't allowed to be sick, and they really aren't allowed to rest, either, except during those hours when the kids are asleep and Dad doesn't need anything either.  Her rest periods end when one of her kids- the children or the adult one- needs something.

Need a longer break, mom?  You shouldn't have had these kids all by yourself.  And you can take several days off when they are out of the house (and your hubby doesn't need you to for anything.)  Or when you're dead.

Why do the makers of Nyquil and Tide commercials insist on acting as if we are still in some Leave It To Beaver version of the 1950s?  Those days really aren't missed by anyone with a functioning brain.  I really doubt the Dad in this commercial is all that anxious to get back to them, for example.


  1. To the makers of these stupid commercials,you do realize that dads spend money too. Right??? Keep pitching all your ads to moms!! We're going to make you feel it in your pockets!!!

  2. To be fair, Nyquil does do "Dads don't take sick days" commercials, and has for a long time. The one I remember best is the one in which Dad stands in a doorway smothering a cough and explains to "Dave" that he isn't feeling well and needs to take a sick day--and then we see a toddler boy staring back at him from a playpen.

    I think the reason I remember this one so well, in all honesty, is because I couldn't help but think "Who the hell names a kid 'Dave' these days?"