Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ready to be taken advantage of? JD Wentworth is here for you!

This ad for JD Wentworth's scummy "give us your structured settlement of lots of money in exchange for a lump sum nowhere near what's coming to you" is even worse than most because it literally tortures the viewer, and all because someone at JD Wentworth thinks that boy bands are still a thing.

As to the message itself- yes, JD Wentworth provides a perfectly legal service, legitimate in exactly the same way that "Rapid Refund" loans are legitimate- "oh, you have a large amount of money coming to you but you have to wait and you're willing to trade it for less money right now?  Sign right here, sucker."  Yes, perfectly legal.  And yes, perfectly scummy and nothing to be proud of, let alone loudly advertising.

I imagine that if television had existed during the Crash of 1929, Mr. Potter might have hired a band to sing the benefits of trading in your Bailey Building and Loan shares for ten cents on the dollar, and there'd be people defending the practice.  Ah, you were ahead of your time, Mr. Potter.

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  1. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/plantation/fl-pf-jingle-0413-20160411-story.html

    Amazingly, the guys appearing in this ad won a contest -- and this was the prize.

    The entire enterprise is a scam, from offering small lump sum buyouts now of your more valuable payments over time, to there not actually being a person named Wentworth in the company, to the company having gone bankrupt in 2009.

    This terrible commercial is just one more link in a chain of de facto (if not technically illegal) fraud.