Sunday, September 30, 2018

Oh, and I don't know who Aubrey Plaza is, nor do I care

Remember when commercials for cellphones actually showed people using them- or attempting to use them- when they were away from their homes?  Nowadays you are just as likely to see people in these ads sitting in their own living rooms, in front of big-screen televisions and right next to laptop computers, b----ing and moaning about how slow their streaming is. 

What are you doing, you freaking idiot?  You are with another human being- she's sitting right there.  You've got a tv there, and a computer, so plenty of distraction if you just can't bear the thought of actually having a conversation.  You've got all these options, but you'd rather just f--k around with your phone because that's the one piece of electronics in the room that isn't working absolutely perfectly.

You people are seriously sick. 

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