Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Verizon just keeps shoveling this crap at us

1.  Nobody is going to "hold up" because someone who couldn't/wouldn't be at the party isn't quite able to watch the "surprise" moment on her g-d d--d phone.   And I suspect that the woman who expected everyone to just stop acting normally because she wasn't able to stream the party is not going to be invited to many more parties after this one, because seriously Put Your Phone Down you Jagoff.

2.  Nobody is going to go back to "starting positions" for that person, either.  Because the party is for and about the people who are actually in attendence, and the guests at the party are GUESTS, not performing seals for someone who isn't even there.

3.  The next time someone uses the term "game changer" on television, I'm putting a brick through it.  Enough with the "game changer" line.  It's played.  It's done.

4.  Someone please show this loathsome Verizon spokeschoad the door already.  He's as played and done as the term "game changer."

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