Thursday, November 28, 2019

Mercedes-Benz "Negotiation" Commercial is (hopefully) as bad as it can get

I'd like to suggest that this fat little creep needs a good kick in the pants followed by a lesson in decency a lot more than he needs an overpriced LookAtMeMobile, but Santa would have to hang around to provide that lesson in decency as the kid's parents certainly are not up to the task.

"It would be a real shame if this went viral."  Um, would it?  Only if you think the planet is filled with shallow, mentally challenged morons who think that every fat, bearded guy in a red suit is Santa Claus.  That's the only way anyone gives a flying damn about a shot of a guy with a wide ass dressed up like Santa Claus "goes viral."  Which means "Santa's" response makes zero sense.  He ought to tell that kid "go ahead and put it on the web, nobody gives a damn because nobody over the age of eight believes in Santa, you f--ng idiot."

Better yet, he ought to say "I'm your father, stupid.  I'm just having fun.  But thanks for demonstrating that you have no business being in possession of a phone with YouTube access.  I'm taking it back.  You can have your own phone when you get a job and pay for it yourself.

Unless he actually IS Santa.  In that case, he should stick with Option A and just tell the kid to f--k off and post the "compromising" photo.  And then repack all those gifts and tell the kid the entire house is on his Naughty List, permanently.  After all, the parents of this nasty fungus raised him to act like this, right?  And not only that-- Santa can peer into the future and see exactly how they'd react to their cruddy spawn getting a car that costs more than the average yearly salary by blackmailing St. Nicholas.  Massive fail on all levels.  F--k this kid, F--k his parents, and F--k Mercedes-Benz for soiling my television with this abomination.


  1. This commercial is SO BAD and depressing. Christmas is commercial enough...this bratty entitled kid deserves NOTHING...and... I know it's make-believe...but his enabling parents talk about how good he has been. AWFUL!!!!

  2. Concider the source��so sick of using Christmas to sell our religious beliefs. God forbid some other religious group were to protest this⚡️

  3. Why does he zoom in on Santa wearing tight fucking red pants so everyone can see his crack. So fucking gay

  4. This commercial really sends the WRONG message to today's youth. The idea that this brat threatens to fat shame AN ADULT in return for his car that he can't even drive. The idea that adult Santa buckles down to a child with fear of his so-called shamed picture going viral really shows who's inferior. The idea that this spoiled brat got his way and the parents shrugged it off and said, "well he was good this year."
    Santa should have said, " Oh yeah kid? Who Do You think You Are? You're just a child... go ahead and send that picture I don't care. You wont get shit for this year and the rest of your childhood, plus you're not so skinny yourself. What the hell you think you're going to do my that car? Sit in it is all you can do! Get out of my face with your naughty ass." Then he should have start taking all the gifts out the house and said, "tough luck kid!"
    That was a terrible commercial for Mercedes-Benz.���� They should done something totally different then that. These kids need to respect adults not learn how blackmail them ��

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