Saturday, March 19, 2022

Jake from State Farm seems to be slumming it lately

I mean, it's nice to see Jake hanging out with people who aren't multimillionaire sports figures for a change (it would be even nicer if we didn't see him hanging out with anyone at all but instead saw him in the office answering phones- you know, like a State Farm Employee actually does.  It would be nicer still to never, ever see him again in any capacity) but I think he should explain exactly why State Farm offers "surprisingly great rates."  Turns out that the sun is hot, the Pope is Catholic, and State Farm- while happy to collect those Surprisingly Great Rates, isn't all that interested in paying out those "losses" (which is what they call "Claims."  You know, that one and only benefit that comes with buying insurance.*)

*except for car insurance.  The other benefit derived from car insurance is that it makes it legal to drive your car.  Whether the insurance company pays claims or not.

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  1. Yet more proof that while people need insurance, ain't nobody knows how to sell insurance on television.