Thursday, March 17, 2022

Tovala. It's Latin for Privilege.


Gotta love the slow-motion sprinkling of spices on to the fish- I guess if that convinces you you are actually cooking something and not just putting a pre-prepared, delivered meal into microwave (oh, excuse me, "Smart Oven,") more power to you, but come on.  This is pre-prepared, delivered meals you are just tossing into a heater.  You aren't doing ANYTHING.

For some reason, a full Weekly Meal Plan consists of 16 meals.  Do people not eat 3 meals a day anymore?  Judging from the size of the waistbands I've seen lately, we haven't been eliminating meals.  Anyway, 16 meals a week will run you $191.  Plus $299 for the "Smart Oven," which reads the QR code of your "menu card" so it knows what you want it to do.  At these prices, you'd think it could sprinkle spices on fish.  I mean, I'm busy and I paid good money for this. 

Anyway, what we have here is just more Privilege, delivered to the doorsteps of people who have money to burn.  But check out the comment posted under this ad which suggests that this is a great idea for people who are "stressed."  Oh please.  If you can afford this nonsense, you're "stressed" because you make plenty of money but have no idea how to budget.  Or, you're "stressed" because you're constantly looking for ways to one-up the neighbors and you already own a 2022 Audi. 

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