Sunday, March 20, 2022

Taco Bell: Infinity is Wasted on the Wrong People!


1.  Yes, we've all seen Groundhog Day.  I mean, it's been thirty years.  We've all seen it, and a whole lot of us have seen it more than once.  It was just ok.

2.  If I found myself in an endless time loop, where nothing I did had any consequences at all and I would just be doing a Reset when the clock struck midnight, I suppose I probably WOULD engage in really dangerous, potentially life-threatening behaviors like riding a dune buggy at high speeds without a helmet.  But eating at Taco Bell?  Naw, life's STILL too short. 

3.  What is the utility of the "nacho fries limitation whatever I'm not watching this again" thing?  Is it Taco Bell's "clever" way of telling us that it recognizes that if you make Nacho Fries part of your daily diet, you might as well be leaping sand dunes in a buggy without a helmet?  

4.  Remember when Bill Murray bemoans the fact that Groundhog's Day is the day he keeps repeating, when he's had absolutely amazing days he'd LOVE to repeat?  Well, here we've got a woman who can do "anything" and for all the interesting crazy adventures she's shoving into her infinite days, the one common thread seems to be a visit to the Taco Bell drive-thru for hot crunchy grease.  She isn't even trying exotic foods, let alone doing any of the really practical things that Murray did with his opportunity (he learned a foreign language and how to ice sculpt, as well as mastering the piano when he wasn't saving people from falling out of trees, fixing flat tires, and feeding a homeless guy.)  This woman is being so incredibly shallow and selfish with her infinite time- as well as being completely happy with it until she's confronted with actual danger in the form of WHATEVER I JUST SAID I'M NOT WATCHING THIS AGAIN.  There's no Life Lesson she needs to learn to get moving forward with her life again; it doesn't even look like she's interested in moving forward because hey, as long as she's stuck in this loop she can continue to stuff hot salty carbs into her stupid mouth. 

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