Saturday, March 12, 2022

Keebler Fudge Striped Cookies: Yet Another Trophy Wife Fail


When this woman throws back the towel to reveal...a box of store-bought Keebler cookies, not even out of the box, not even on a plate...I mean, I'm sorry, but the lack of effort is nothing less than astounding.  And the kid is so darned delighted to see that box of cookies- he's been trained well, I guess.  This kid knows not to expect homemade cookies.  He may not be aware that it's possible to buy cookie dough and bake the cookies yourself.  He may very well believe that cookies come from boxes, which come from the store.  Period.

And if the look of delight on the kid's face isn't depressing enough- take a look at how smug and satisfied Mommy and Daddy are.  Like they've just accomplished something awesome by...picking up a box of Keebler cookies at the local grocery store (hell, they probably had it delivered.)   And not even opening the box and putting them on a plate.  How awesome. 

Congratulations on training your kid to have such low expectations, people.  Most kids expect more.  

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