Saturday, March 26, 2022

That truly disgusting MassMutual Insurance Commercial


I mean, no wonder the comments are turned off for this one.

I watched this one multiple times, because I could not believe that the message that seemed to be coming through clear as a bell to me was actually the message intended by the makers of this ad, but I've come to the conclusion that it is:  the parents of these children are convinced that the three offspring they've had so rock stupid that

1.  Never mind hoping that they establish successful careers that will allow them to financially support their parents*; these kids will be living off the leftover Happy Meals their bosses let them take home when their shifts are over, or

2.  These kids aren't even going to live to SEE adulthood.  They'll kill themselves by knocking down wasp nests or being crushed in lawn chairs,** or they'll be permanent dependents themselves. 

And the solution these two witless choads come up with (before finally deciding that maybe they should live in the 21st century where adults living in the Western World do NOT plan on living off their kids when they retire?***) To maybe try again with another kid?  Yeah, I can see where these kids got those genes.  These "parents" are real-life Pattersons, raising numb, unstimulated, largely ignored idiots and expecting them to turn into money machines through some magic unseen agency that does not involve Said Parents.  I really doubt that by "try again" he means "have another baby and do a much, much better job raising it."  Thanks for the Hate, MassMutual.

*I know adults who expect their parents to finance their lives, but I have never met a parent who expects their kid to.

**Are these parents hoping that these kids accidentally kill themselves?  I mean, two of them looks like they are about to get seriously injured, and the parents act like they seriously could not give a damn- nothing is going to interrupt their Musing with Coffee Time.

***Again, I know retired adults who live off THEIR parents.  I don't know any parents who PLAN on living off their kids.  Because, again, this is the Western World and it's the 21st Century.

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