Wednesday, April 20, 2022

So where's the Upgrade?


It's just a debt consolidation loan you give you yourself.  It's moving debt from one creditor to another.  It does absolutely nothing to help you get a handle on your debt; in fact, it does the opposite by allowing you to pretend that debt is smaller because it's now one large payment instead of a bunch of small ones, spread out over a longer period of time (which means you pay more in interest) so you can continue to live in a fantasy where your spending choices have no real consequences and you have more spending power than you have in reality.

This is how poor people stay poor.  There's no Upgrade here, and there's certainly nothing new here.  I still get blank checks from Debt Consolidation companies encouraging me to shift debt (that I don't have) over to them so they can have a steady income and I can feel free to spend spend spend.  They get torn up and thrown in the trash because I'm not a child and I know how much money I have and how to control my spending.  This commercial is not aimed at me.  It's aimed at people who are stupid with their money and determined to stay that way.  Hard Pass. 

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