Friday, April 1, 2022

The guy in this commercial is FREAKING ME OUT


I suppose I shouldn't be too critical of Joe- I mean, he's had enough problems with coming home from vacation to a broken refrigerator and having to deal with insurance right off the bat.  I'm glad he was able to navigate the online claims form and talk to someone in person and all that, but no matter how much of a "happy experience" this was, I can't see how it was anything more than a headache which put kind of a damper on the whole insurance thing.

But that's not really why I shouldn't be too critical of Joe.  Instead, I should give Joe a break because after all he must be suffering enough having at some point TOTALLY LOST THE ABILITY TO BLINK LIKE AN ACTUAL HUMAN.  I mean, seriously- you are freaking me out with those Crazy Eyes, Joe.  Please just BLINK and demonstrate to me that you are NOT A FREAKING ROBOT.   This is legitimately frightening.  If you met with an insurance agent in person, I can understand perfectly why they didn't give you a hassle over your broken refrigerator claim.  I wouldn't want to prolong the conversation any longer than necessary either.  You want a new fridge?  No problem.  You want the spoiled food replaced?  Here's a check.  Just please STOP TRYING TO PUNCTURE MY SOUL WITH THOSE EYES.

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