Sunday, April 3, 2022

Who relates to the woman in this Verizon ad?


You know, I can't imagine caring about anything less than this woman who lives in a freaking palace having reliable, "affordable"* 5G or whatever the hell this commercial is selling.  First, because it apparently just means that he never, ever has to take her damn eyes off of a glowing screen no matter what else she is doing.  Second, because I am not at all convinced that this woman ever noticed how much her internet or phone bill like Ever. 

*I don't know what "affordable" means to someone who lives in a massive apartment in a high rise in the middle of a city (New York? Los Angeles? Where was this filmed?) but I'm guessing it doesn't gel with what I think is "affordable."  Either way, f--k off stupid grinning idiot woman.  And while you're at it, step in front of a bus while watching Disney Plus on your stupid phone.  What is the matter with you, anyway?  

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