Saturday, July 2, 2022

Burger King's offer to people who feel like life takes too long to wrap up?


I mean, really.  This ad seems to be aimed at viewers who are frustrated with the slow pace of their diabetes.  If you "need 2" give your journey toward bad health- and the grave- then this is for you; for just five dollars, you can consume 1500 calories of grease, salt and sugar inside of ten minutes.  And bonus:  you'll be stripped of all that nagging ambition to take a walk or get some other form of exercise, as this carbohydrate loading/blood sugar spike  is all but certain to leave you exhausted and wanting nothing more than a nap once the crash comes.  Just to be safe, I'd wash it all down with a large Coke or maybe a milkshake.  Carpe Diem like this and you'll cut back on the number of Diems you will have to Carpe.

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