Friday, July 8, 2022

Is Quora is the worst of Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all in one big dumb package?


Everyone knows what Quora Digest is.  It's where questions nobody ever asks are posted to fish for responses from bored losers who then engage in a boring Battle Royale to out-BS each other with their totally made up "Real Life Experiences."  The "winner" is the one who ends up with the most Upvotes, and the prize is Internet Karma.  I guess.

Quora is where you get queries like "what's the dumbest thing you've ever seen on an airplane?" where the first responses are things like "they were charging $4.50 for ten Pringles" but within an hour or so you've got posters insisting that they saw the stewardesses having sex in the lavatory while the pilot's 3-year old was manning the cockpit.  "What's the bravest thing you saw your dad do?" starts with "he yelled at an unfamiliar dog to scare it away from me" and turns into "he took down five members of Al-Quaeda with a plastic fork as they launched an assault on my Middle School."  

Anyway, you know all this if you ever made the mistake of subscribing to Quora, and apparently if you ever made the mistake of subscribing to Quora you are still subscribed to Quora no matter what you do because I've been reading more and more articles lately about how people who try to Unsubscribe either have their requests ignored or get error messages in response to their request.  Of course they can just trash the Daily Article links, if they aren't already completely addicted to the Tall Tales of the Lonely and attention-starved.  And if they are...seriously, therapy is still a thing.  So is actual socializing with actual people in actual real life.  Something to consider, at least. 

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