Sunday, July 10, 2022

Indeed stretches credulity to the point where it snaps back and blinds everyone.


So this woman was working from home, but she's so irritated by her roommate's new hobby that she is not only looking for a new (presumably in-person) job, but she's "willing to relocate."  She's willing to pack up and move out- and maybe violate her lease, and say goodbye to her friends- rather than stand up to her roommate and set down some ground rules for an apartment she is presumably paying half for?

There's fear of confrontation.  And then there's this woman.  Jeesh grow a spine, lady.

(By the way, does her roommate also work from home?  If so, doesn't this require her to actually concentrate on work rather than her stupid noise-making hobby for eight hours a day?  If not, doesn't that mean she still has the apartment to herself eight hours a day?  Sense this does not really make.)

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