Thursday, July 21, 2022

Those Shopify Ads....


I swear, every small business in the United States was started in someone's garage or a kitchen crockpot.  Either that, or the people in these Shopify commercials have zero interest in even ATTEMPTING to tell a unique, compelling story about why they started their business, let alone why I should give a flying damn. 

I mean, seriously.  You started your business in your garage, or in a kitchen crockpot.  That doesn't tell me why I should want to start a business, let alone why I should want to patronize yours.  Get over yourselves, people.  99 of the Small Businesses Built on your Dreams and supported by Spotify will not exist two years from now.  Don't care now, won't care then. 


  1. It's the Horatio Alger myth that's got people bamboozled. Most of them want enough money that they don't get told what to do and they'll ignore anything that gets in the way of that. It's why people enslave themselves to Scamway.

    1. they feed into the uniquely American conceit that everyone is supposed to be a business owner and that working for a paycheck is something better left to immigrants, the feeble-minded, and the lazy.

    2. Make that Anglo-American. You got that stupid idea from Mother England, same as us.