Saturday, July 9, 2022

Medishare: Health Insurance for Religious Bigots


Commercials for this horrible company are really polluting XM Radio this summer, so I decided that I had to stop just zoning out on the cheery sing-song sales pitch that never seems to stop and actually address this garbage.   So thanks again, YouTube, for providing a tv version of this gawd-awfulness.

For those of you who have never heard of Medishare, it's a network of medieval-minded, hand-wringing idiots who think The Handmaid's Tale is a Utopian look at a promising future and who think that the Affordable Health Care Act was just a Communist conspiracy created by Obama when he wasn't trying to replace the Bible with the Quran in America's schools.  As the woman in this ad who clearly had her brain sucked out of her skull case with a straw because it was getting in the way of her being a good incubator explains, it doesn't have to follow those awful awful laws that have regulated health insurance since 2010 because technically it's not a health insurance company, it's just a friendly group of book-burners who have agreed to pool their money to "share" the burden of medical bills that don't include abortion or contraception (sorry for all the cursing) and don't even ask about gender reassignment surgery/drugs seriously don't even go there.  It's a way for magic sky monster-fearing, tongue-clucking, church-going-because-your-neighbors-keep track harpies to avoid risking actually paying for medical care of which they don't specifically approve to people whose beliefs don't perfectly align with their own.

In other words, it's just another example of the celebration of tribalism that these goofy grovelers-for-show revel in.  If there's anything that these jagoffs hate more than people who don't think exactly like them, it's the concept of shared sacrifice.  You just know that Medishare appeals to people who live in constant dread that they might accidentally do something that benefits someone who doesn't march in lockstep with their favorite version of myths that arose in the twilight of the Bronze Age.  You can't spell "Society" without "Socialism," after all.  

Whoever the hell Karen LeBlanc is, she sure as hell isn't interested in helping anyone who doesn't use the correct translation of the correct religious life manual pay their medical bills.  I'm just wondering how long it's going to be before the cretins who run Medishare branch out to provide Not-Car-Insurance for self-proclaimed christians- I mean, surely there are millions of pre-Enlightenment-minded mouth-breathers just south of the Ohio River who would object to helping pay the claims of Heathens if they knew there was an alternative.  And they need something to keep what is laughably referred to as their brains occupied until they can get to work reversing the Great Steal of 2020 now that the Plandemic has run it's course.  


  1. What irritates me the most is that people like this are the first to shove their paws out looking for baksheesh when they need help.

  2. Don't look now, but the Ohio River is no longer the dividing line you suggest in your post. I returned to my childhood stomping grounds in Ohio two years ago because I could afford to comfortably retire here (vs the SF Bay Area) and have been shocked by the Alabamization of this state. In spite of a roughly 50-50 split in registered Republicans and Democrats, both houses of the state legislature have Republican super-majorities (and growing ... it's 25-8 in the state senate!) thanks to out of control gerrymandering (btw, Democrats were guilty of the same anti-democratic garbage when they happened to be in control of districting after the 2000 census). The legislature has proceeded to walk in lock-step with bright red states, enacting extreme laws affecting every hot-button political issue of the day (abortion, gun control, school prayer, public education, arming teachers, hall monitors and school bus drivers, etc etc). This, in spite of the fact that all reputable polling makes clear that the vast majority of Ohioans are opposed to such extreme legislation. It doesn't matter. The pols don't need to worry about getting voted out because their seats are locked up. Unless things change, democracy as our founders envisioned it is a pipe dream.