Friday, September 8, 2023

Gambling Commercial Double-Header


First Ad:

Would I take this obnoxious, ugly, unfunny "comedian" seriously if (1) he wasn't a multimillionaire acting excited at being offered $200 in "free bets" while sitting in whichever of the luxury mansions he owns that he decided to hang out in this weekend or (2) if he weren't wearing a t-shirt advertising the very gambling "service" he's whoring for blood money from the industry second only to alcohol in its ability to break up families and ruin lives?

The answer is "no." Because he'd still obnoxious, ugly, unfunny yet ubiquitous Kevin Hart, who has made it painfully clear that he'll sell himself to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for the right amount of money.  Well, when you know that its only a matter of time before the facade collapses and the money train ends, I guess this is what you do- pitch, pitch and pitch some more because some day (G-d let it be soon) the gravy train WILL come to an end. 

Second Ad:

Would I take this Oscar winner* seriously if he wasn't another multi-millionaire who has zero problem encouraging his audience- the vast majority of which really can't afford an addiction only marginally cheaper than crack (but while crack is illegal, gambling on sporting events can be advertised on network television....hmmm.....)- and was at least donating his fee to Gambler's Anonymous or some other- ANY OTHER-charity?

The answer is "no."  Because he'd still be an overrated Denzel Wannabee who has somehow hypnotized the viewing audience into believing he's talented.  Maybe he and Kevin Hart are using the League of Shadows to poison our water or something.  They certainly aren't adding anything of actual value to what we used to call a "Society."

*Ray was ridiculously overrated.  Then again, so was Ray Charles.  I mean, not Moonlight or Gandhi overrated, but still overrated.

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