Wednesday, September 20, 2023

If your addiction could sing to you, I guess it would sound like this?


Really, what else is there to add?  This woman has an unbreakable bond with-- her electronic devices.  She simply MUST go from screen to screen, and every moment that she isn't staring at a glowing box is a lost moment that she can't get back....or something. 

And to make it worse, the message seems to be that in the tiny fractions of her life in which she is not looking at that way-too-important human connectivity substitute, the devices are calling to her.  Well, yeah, as I understand it this is exactly how addictions DO feel.  She's not dealing with "food noise" or "alcohol noise" or "nicotine noise."  She's dealing with electronics noise- she MUST get to a place where she can get out her phone or her tablet or SOMETHING and get back to staring at something glowing and stupid before that voice in her head reminding her that she hasn't looked at an expensive box of plastic, metal and glass for several seconds drives her nuts.

Yeah, this is an advertisement, well, therapy, actually.  But if you ask the people who made it, its an ad for Galaxy or foldable phones or something.  And if you ask the people in the comments sections, it's about a remix of a great song that we must must must download right now Because Reasons.  And if you ask one particular person in the comments, its a desperate lunge for attention from total strangers in the form of a truly pathetic "please comment"  story about a dog dying.  What gets into some people?  I have no idea, and I'm not sure I even want to. 

Wow- for having nothing left to add, I sure ended up having plenty to add.

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