Saturday, February 24, 2024

Pluto TV is PROUD to be part of the problem


Multiple problems, actually...

America has never been fatter or less mobile than it is in 2024.  "Binge watching" and "Channel Surfing" has replaced walking and generally being outdoors as our nation's favorite pastime (today so called because time passes even when you are doing nothing.)  And it's not about aesthetics- being overweight is linked to literally HUNDREDS of preventable illnesses.  Heart Disease, Cancer, and Strokes- all strongly linked to obesity- are three of the top four causes of death in the United States.  The other one is COVID which- guess what?- is far more dangerous if you are carrying an excess of adipose tissue. 

Americans have never felt more socially isolated (let's just call it Lonely) than they do in 2024.  Might have something to do with texts replacing face to face conversations, the internet replacing human contact, zoom meetings replacing...well, you get it.  And it's starting earlier and earlier - just check out how many preteens keep themselves glued to electronic best friends these days.  And know what more and more people are using to soothe the pain of isolation?  Cheap, processed, highly palatable chemicals disguised as Food Product.  Which is the perfect thing to binge on while you're already bingeing on television.

This commercial is like if Marlboro made an ad featuring a farm "harvesting" black lungs and played it off as "funny."  All in the service of Capitalism, I guess.  And the people who are applauding this garbage in the comment section?  Yeah, you guys suck, too.  It's bad enough to be played - you don't have to appreciate the company that's encouraging you into an early grave. 

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