Thursday, February 15, 2024

That Stupid Superbowl Doritos Ad....


Oh my god if I had a dime for every commercial that featured

1.  Overly aggressive senior citizens who I guess are supposed to be hi-LARIOUS because they are overly aggressive senior citizens,

2.  several changes in location suggesting a significant investment and production labor to beat a joke older than the senior citizens into the ground, and

3.  a wild chase to obtain Absolutely Nothing of Value Except It's the Last One on the Shelf (that schtick has so much mold on it it can probably cure every case of strep throat in 2024.)

Since nobody is going to make me rich by giving me those dimes, I'll just offer my take to the makers of Doritos:  We know you spent millions getting scientists to design your chips to be as addictive as possible- maybe showing senior citizens willing to kill themselves- and kill others- to get them isn't the best idea for an ad campaign.  But It's no less than I'd expect from a company determined to cash in on the obesity epidemic (or is it now Pandemic?)

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