Sunday, April 28, 2024

Two Quick Posts from my favorite Punching Bag, Optima Tax Relief!


"Attention listeners who have been skipping out on paying your taxes because you figured that the IRS has been sufficiently gutted by Republican Presidents and Republican Congresses and would never find the needle in the haystack that is your criminal behavior:  Here's some bad news for you!  The Big Bad Government has appropriated eighty BILLION dollars to crack down on YOU, Mr. Jim Jones of 116 Maple Street!  They are only seconds away from sending you a bill for the money you actually owe as your fair share for keeping society functional!  You have two choices- you can pay that bill, or you can call Optima Tax Relief, give that company some of your money, and THEN pay that bill!"

I owed a lot of money to my landlady.  I TRIED to make payments, but didn't actually do so.  Stunningly, my Good Intentions meant nothing to my cruel, vicious landlady who had the equally cruel and vicious Law on her side.  She told me I had to pay my rent, or I had to move out.  I didn't know what to do!  I mean, I LIKE my money and I want to KEEP it!  Can't someone come up with Optima Squatters Relief?

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  1. The world isn't just turning into a nuthouse. It's turning into a kids' psych ward.