Saturday, April 20, 2024

Why I'll never be on Rinvoq


It's not because I don't suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, though I've never had that skin condition thing that's really focused on in these commercials.  It's because I'm nowhere near cool enough to qualify to take this or 99 percent of the other drugs advertised on television.

All of these people ride horses or engage in competitive roller dance or BUILD guitars in their workshops (I'm not even cool enough to play one; this guy BUILDS them.  From scratch.  In his own freaking WORKSHOP.)  They are also always hanging with pretty friends (I don't have any friends, let alone pretty ones) and heading off to beautiful romantic places with incredible views and cafes and opportunities for selfies, not that they need to ever take a selfie because they are always surrounded by those pretty friends. 

If I had lives like this and was being slowed down by arthritis or plaque psorasis or whatever (I'm not looking it up- it's that red flaky skin thing) I guess I'd insist on trying this drug too.  But apparently when I walk into the office of my arthritis specialist he looks me up and down and realizes that I''m not Rinvoq-worthy.  Maybe I should take riding lessons or get some skates.  I'm sure not learning how to build a freaking guitar.  


  1. Yeah, the people in these ads are ALWAYS living in affluent neighborhoods doing the most white-bread things possible in slow motion: Going to organic farmers markets, flying kites, having oldie-tyme style picnics with blankets and baskets, or just enjoying brunch with their token minority friends

    1. and the token minorities are always doing the things that they do in Hallmark Christmas movies- baking pies, selling organic veggies, etc.