Saturday, February 28, 2015

Samsung's Love Note to mute obsession

And we're supposed to think that the Simple Latina thinks finds it positively charming that her stalker has been following her, taking photos of her, and captioning those photos to fit his personal fantasy world (which revolves around her.)  And that he's incapable of speaking to her with his voice, like a normal, well-adjusted person, thank goodness he's got this stupid toy to do his talking for him.  Uh huh.

"Please tell us you do more with your Note than this loser.  Because we'd really like some better ad ideas than this.  Less creepy ones, too."


  1. Oh wow. I never saw this ad before. It can only have been written by men--men who think this kind of behavior is something women would find cute and charming, and not creepy as hell. Did a real guy do it? I don't believe it for a second.

    Sure, a woman just loves the idea that a man has been surreptitiously taking photos of her and doctoring them with all kinds of "art" and all the while not saying a word to her about it--until suddenly he confronts her with his little slide show of obsession, which concludes with his saying he wants to be with her until she's a grandmother.

    I think with most women, if they're anything like me, this approach guarantees that the guy is not only not going to be with the girl until she's a grandmother, he's not going to be with her about five seconds after he does this.

    1. they appear to be college students. If that's so, you can add one more problem the guy has- he's likely to find himself expelled if she decides to go to the Dean of Students.